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In February 2018, CSC has been recognised as a responsible sourcing certification system applicable to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). BREEAM is the oldest and most widely used method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings. After a thorough evaluation by BRE CSC has been accepted as a responsible sourcing certification system. This not only gives CSC-certified companies an advantage when supplying projects seeking BREEAM certification. It also provides project developers an additional option to earn points under this credit.


During the formal launch event of CSC in Germany in April 2018, Johannes Kreißig, Managing Director of DGNB GmbH, reported on the current status and outlook for sustainable construction in Germany. Commenting on the integration of the CSC in the DGNB system, he announced that the DGNB is recognizing the CSC’s Silver and Gold certifications in the DGNB system at Quality Level 1.2.
In addition since December 2020, the CSC R-Module for recycling concrete is recognized by the DGNB for Quality Level 2.2. The recognitions refer to the DGNB’s « Responsible resource extraction » criterion ENV1.3.


LEED recognizes CSC-certification as one of the verified Company- and Product Standards in the “Social Equity within the Supply Chain” Pilot Credit.
The intent of this credit is to create more equitable, healthier environments for those affected by and involved in the production of materials and products, including the stages of raw materials extraction, processing, manufacturing, and assembly of components and products.

For details regarding the „Social Equity within the Supply Chain” Pilot Credit:


Envision is a US infrastructure certification system developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), located in Washington DC. The new Envision Version 3 document will include CSC as an example of sustainable certification that would meet the requirements for their procurement credit. This credit RA 1.2 “Support sustainable Procurement Practices” will have the requirement « Third-party verified sustainability program. » Recognition by Envision underscores the robustness and credibility of the CSC certification system and at the same time provides additional value for our clients.


Since February 2021, the leading Austrian Green Building Label, which is issued by the Austrian Green Building Council ÖGNI has been recognizing the CSC Label. Similar to its partner system DGNB, the ÖGNI system awards CSC certified concrete in the credit ENV1.3 «Responsible resource extraction» at Quality Level 1.2 and CSC-R certified recycling concrete at Quality Level 2.2.


In May 15th, 2023, The Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK) recognized the CSC Certification in the B.E.S.T. (Ecological and Sustainable Design in Buildings) residential certification system in the credit “Material and Resource Use”. B.E.S.T Residential Certificate is the one and only local green building certification system in Turkey for new residential buildings. New Residential buildings, within the scope of the B.E.S.T national certificate, are evaluated under 9 categories; Integrated Green Project Management, Land Use, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Health and Wellbeing, Material and Resources, Residential Life, Operation and Maintenance and Innovation. Projects seeking B.E.S.T. certification can gain extra points when supplied by CSC certified plants.

Other alignments

CSC is continuously focussing on alignment with green rating systems and other green stimulation programs.

The Netherlands:
MIA/Vamil: Tax benefit for owner of building with CSC concrete
Rabobank Impact loan: discount on interest rate on loan CSC certified concrete production facility